Wellness at Green Acres is located on Park road, just on the outskirts of Barrow-in-Furness. It’s rolling 3-acre field is set in the most peaceful and picturesque setting, surrounded by nature.
There is a stable block with a toilet facility, running water and an outside yard area at the entrance of the field with picnic benches and seating.

We have 3 lovely horses Rowan, Darcey and Snap who love to give lots of cuddles.. There is an area in the field that is for our chickens to roam free and if you’re lucky enough, you may get to sample and egg or two!

We have two cats who regularly visit the field. They like to come and enjoy the sunshine by lounging around on the hay bales and having a good feed. They are very shy though, so you may only get a glimpse as they are very good at hiding amongst the trees.

We are really committed and interested in ways to reduce waste by recycling. Our little Greenacres who attend our holiday camps really enjoy arts and crafts using recycled materials and making wonderful creations. We would love to hear and see your ideas.

We are so excited to be starting our solar panel electricity project which we have been working hard to develop. The use of solar energy is a great way to contribute to a cleaner future. This renewable resource is a clean and safe alternative energy solution that can help reduce the production of harmful pollution. Solar power can be an excellent way to fight climate change and help reduce our carbon footprint


For those inevitable rainy British days, we also have our Green Acres Den. This gives us ample room inside for learning, so no matter the weather, we are well prepared! Just don’t forget your wellies!
Throughout the field there are dedicated places of natural interest, such as “Bird Junction”.

This is where we have our feeders and resting boxes, to entice some of the lovely wild birds into our tress for a quick pit stop and refuel. We also have our “Kitchen Garden” where you can come and help to plant and grow some of your favourite fruits and veggies and maybe a sunflower or two! Beyond the back of the field is the magical Millwood walk.

Another wonderful woodland space full of nature ready to be explored. This is accessible from the entrance road to the field, easily walked within a mile.