Welcome to Wellness at Green Acres.

Welcome to Wellness at Green Acres. We are a Community Interest Company that offers support to children and young people taking a holistic approach. 



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Wellness at Green Acres

Our Vision

We use a range of interventions that help to improve confidence, self belief, resilience and reduce anxiety. We deliver a 6-week programme in our outdoor environment that is surrounded by nature. We feel this helps children to connect with animals and nature, helping them to relax and improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Our vision is to help improve the well-being of children and young people which will promote and enhance their opportunities and life experiences. 

For children and young people who are struggling to attend and engage in their education provision, we are able to support and offer a tailored alternative that can enable them to explore their difficulties in a safe place and have 1:1 time to enhance their social, emotional and mental health.

Wellness at Green Acres

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The STILL method programme

The STILL method programme we deliver is a complete system to reduce anxiety. It uses a step by step approach to understand and manage anxiety and improve low self – esteem and self-worth. The STILL method brings together the best techniques from positive psychology, cognitive behaviour, Neuro-linguistic programming and self- development, into a complete system and a set of tools that can equip individuals to make positive changes. 

The STILL method doesn’t just teach children and young people to relax, it gives them tools to face challenges and feel empowered. It is fun and engaging and teaches individuals to develop their confidence and self-belief and overcome their anxiety.


Wellness at Green Acres

Our Support

For many children and young people who are struggling to leave their homes and access any education provision, we offer outreach support in their homes. This level of intense support will not only build relationships with trust and mutual respect but aim towards the individual leaving their home and attending the Wellness at Green Acres facility.

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Let's see your wonderful creations

Recycling competition

To all you little Greenacres we would like to hold a recycling competition and ask you all to send us your wonderful creations. You can
use anything that is recycled..

We are so excited to see all your imaginative inventions!!!!